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About Us

We believe in the importance of emotional well-being and   social competence in the early years


Who we are 


Jan Blaxall, MASc. Psychology, RECE, AECEO.C                              Janet Foster, B.A. Psychology, RECE, AECEO.C


Professor of Early Childhood Education,                                             Coordinator of Early Childhood Education,

      Fanshawe College, London, 22 years                                                    Fanshawe College, London, 7 years       

      Conestoga College, Kitchener, 8 years                                          Professor of Early Childhood Education,    Psychometrist, Preschool Diagnostic Program                                        Fanshawe College, London, 33 years

      Kitchener, 4 years                                                                                Early Childhood Educator,                                                                                                                                                                          Fanshawe College Lab School, 4 years




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Our Story

For the past two decades, we have researched and taught the milestones and challenges of social-emotional development and the importance of relationship-based approaches to build a sense of security, self- and other-awareness, and social skills that are key developmental tasks in the first five years of life.


We have created a resource for Social Emotional Learning and Relationship Building.   TFL Early Years SEL supports educators in establishing a safe and trusting, play-based, emergent learning environment where children feel they belong as valued contributors to the community. Our resources are evidence-informed throughout.

We have also authored the My Feelings Children’s Book Series


These delightful books help young children ages 2-6 to identify and manage their feelings and the feelings of others. This book series offers parents and educators a resource to help children acquire emotional literacy that will last a lifetime.

Past Involvement

Trainers, Advisors and Researchers - Kids Have Stress Too!  

                                                                  Psychology Foundation of Canada                      

Research conducted by the Psychology Foundation of Canada and Fanshawe College ECE program over 2 years, demonstrated the increased knowledge achieved by students in recognizing and understanding the impact of stress on young children.


We were advisors to the second edition of the KHST! Manual, based on the research and our observations.

As trainers, Janet taught the Kids Have Stress Too! Program to Early Childhood Education Students at Fanshawe College. ECE professors across Ontario were trained by both Janet and Jan.

Janet and Jan were recipients of the Community Partnership Award from the Psychology Foundation of Canada, 2017

    Certified trainers (previous): 

                            Second Step Violence Prevention Curriculum



 Children’s Service Advocate Award,

             Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario,

  • Janet Foster, Recipient 2015   as president of the Local Branch for 6 years.

  • Jan Blaxall, Recipient 2011 in recognition of extensive community collaboration.


Ontario Government Expert Panel on an Early Learning Framework, (2007)  for Ontario’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services which served as a foundation document for the Ontario Ministry of Education’s framework – How Does Learning Happen?

  • Jan Blaxall, Member

Sharing our Passion

Janet Foster    Developing emotional literacy through early childhood                                       education and children’s books.  HiMama Podcast, 2022



Jan Blaxall        Caring and Responsive Relationships: Anticipating and                                   Preventing Challenges.

     College of Early Childhood Educators, 2018.  Professional Standard 1:

      Caring and Responsive Relationships Webinar:



Janet Foster    Supporting Individual Development for Successful Group                                  Involvement.    Canadian Child Care Federation, Interaction, 2012

Jan Blaxall        Supportive Guidance for Challenging Behaviour

         Ideas Journal, Canadian Child Care Federation, Interaction, 2005


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