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Virtual or In-Person Training

TFL Early Years offers a four-hour virtual or in-person training session for Early Years Educators. Each session provides a theoretical foundation including evidence-based information about the importance and benefits of social emotional learning, as well as a comprehensive presentation on ways to utilize the resources throughout the day.

Each Participant's Package includes:

The extensive digital
TFL Early Years Manual

The nine Concepts introduced in this extensive Manual present a variety of opportunities for children to develop awareness and beginning competence in social interactions. 

A variety of age-appropriate
Digital Resources

Through TFL Early Years, educators can access age-appropriate digital resources designed to support their efforts to enhance children's social-emotional development. 

TFL Early Years supports educators in establishing a safe and trusting, play-based, emergent learning environment where children feel they belong as valued contributors to the community.

Our resource is informed by How Does Learning Happen?, the Ontario Ministry of Education research-based resource, as well as many other sources  of research and clinical expertise.

Cost per person $250, minimum of six participants.


My Feelings

Children's Book




This Essential


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