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Nurturing the self-esteem and social abilities of young children 

Introducing TFL Early Years – a Canadian resource that provides children with specific relationship-building strategies and problem-solving tools so they can experience well-being, positive self-concept and social competence.

About Us

Janet Foster, BA, RECE, AECEO,C and Jan Blaxall, MASc, RECE, AECEO,C are two life-long Early Childhood Educators who are committed to promoting emotional and social development as the foundation of well-being, relationships and learning. They have a combined expertise of 70 years in Early Childhood Education, having worked together as professors, as well as offering workshops and training. For the past two decades, they have researched and taught the milestones and challenges of social-emotional development and the importance of relationship-based approaches to build a sense of security, self- and other-awareness, and social skills that are key developmental tasks in the first five years of life.

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