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Nurturing the self-esteem and social abilities of young children 

Research continues to remind us that positive, caring, and respectful relationships experienced in the early years are the foundation for optimal development,

quality peer relationships and well-being.

TFL Early Years SEL is a Canadian resource that is relationship-based, and provides children with self-regulation strategies and social problem-solving tools so they can experience well-being, positive self-concept and social competence.

Social-Emotional Learning

through Caring Relationships 

TFL Early Years SEL assists educators in nurturing the self-esteem and social abilities of young children. Learning self-regulation and problem-solving strategies contribute to the development of protective factors and to the core competencies of relationship building. Through practice in a trusted environment, children can also learn to cope with adversity.

The TFL Early Years SEL approach supports educators in establishing a safe and trusting social environment where each child feels valued and safe to explore. Through the process of observation, documentation, interpretation and reflection, educators guide the children through essential social and emotional learning.

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